~ Inspiring home decoration with pillows ~

With a pillow you can completely change the atmosphere in your living room. On this page you can find some artistic and decorative pillows. Most pillows are available in different sizes. All products can be purchased on Zazzle.
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Beach House Pillow

Pillow featuring a beach themed design with shells and starfish. Gorgeous for a beach house or a nautical style interior

Modern Beach Pillow

Pillow featuring a compilation of beach and nautical related images in scrapbook style

Coffee Love Pillow

Pillow featuring an original painting of a coffee mug with flowers, book and muffin on a kitchen table. Beautiful to create a homey atmosphere

Curious Kitty Fine Art Pillow

Pillow featuring a fine art painting of a kitty that climbed a tree to explore the heavens from up close

Geometric Ocher Black Pillow

Geometric design pillow with an ocher Gatsby style star pattern on black with your own custom texts

Sunny Quilt or Patchwork Pillow

Colorful pillow with floral mandalas in a patchwork or quilt style

Green Leaf Pattern Pillow

Pillow with an artistic green leaf pattern design

Geometric Turquoise Pillow

Abstract geometric pattern design pillow in elegant teal turquoise with white

Metallic Design Pillow

Modern metallic design pillow in gold and rose gold on a stylish black

Girl in Red Pillow

Pillow featuring a painting of a girl in red with an umbrella in the rain

Whimsical Cats Pillow

Pillow featuring a colorful painting of two cute cats waiting for you to come home ...

Colorful Plaid Pillow

Pillow with a colorful and modern variation of the classic plaid design

Blue Jeans Patchwork Pillow

Patchwork or quilt design pillow with blue jeans and artistic red and off-white patterns

Abstract Design Pillow

Elegant pillow with an abstract colorful design

Chic Silver Striped Pillow

A modern and stylish design pillow featuring a pale blue grey and silver striped pattern and your custom monogram (optional)

Unicorn Pillow

Fine art pillow featuring a painting of a unicorn on a pastel rainbow background

Rose Pillow

Gorgeous rose pillow in cream and white colors

Leaded Glass Inspired Pillow

Abstract design pillow with a geometric mosaic pattern in a leaded glass style in vibrant colors

Blush Checkered Pillow

Modern abstract design pillow with a geometric mosaic pattern in trendy blush pink and ivory with cherry and chocolate beige

Playful Multicolored Pillow

Modern abstract design pillow with a colorful pattern with playful dots. You can customize or delete the monogram text

Abstract Geometry Pillow

Pillow featuring an abstract geometric design in warm colors

Heart Pattern Pillow

Bring love in your home with this colorful happy heart patterned pillow. Beautiful as a gift for Valentine's Day as well

Personalized Rainbow Striped Pillow

Personalized pillow featuring a happy rainbow striped pattern on your own custom background color

Floral Kaleidoscope Pillow

Pink floral kaleidoscope pillow - created from an image of a flower

Nature Fractal Pattern Pillow

Artistic pillow with a tribal fractal art pattern in colors inspired by nature

Urban Chic Pillow

Urban chic pillow with a floral swirl on a plaid like background

Geometric Fall Pillow

Modern abstract design pillow with geometric patterns in trendy fall colors. You can scale and rotate the design if you like!

Geometric Fall Pillow

Modern abstract design pillow with geometric patterns and polka dots in trendy fall colors. You can scale and rotate the design if you like!

Colorful Striped Pattern Pillow

Pillow featuring a striped pattern in warm ocher and orange reds with some green

Romantic Cat Pillow

Adorable pillow featuring two cats looking at the full moon in a romantic landscape. Beautiful for the romantic soul or as Valentine's day gift

Horses Pillow

Pillow with a painting of two horses - great for a horse lover!

Cloud Nine Swan Pillow

Cloud nine design pillow featuring a beautiful swan in a dreamy cloud

Photo Collage Pillow

Pillow featuring 9 of your own photos framed by an elegant dusty blue design. Also available in other colors

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Painted Stripe Pillow

Modern abstract design pillow with a painted stripe in earth tones

Geometric Pattern Pillow

Pillow featuring a geometric pattern in warm brown with elegant mauve colors

Christmas Kitty Pillow

A whimsical Christmas pillow with a cute kitty in a winter wonderland street at night

Mondrian Pillow

Mondrian style pillow for a minimalist home decoration - inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan

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