Every year there is a flurry of activity when the new wedding season is about to start. The big question: what is going to be trendy in the next year? Nobody seems to want to miss out on the new trends. And of course nobody really knows and most sites are pretty much off in their predictions when you check out a year later. As I, as a designer, don’t have a crystal ball either, I just follow what I like to create. I love all sorts of different styles and colors. And I made a couple of new collections and designs for this season.

Beach or Destination Wedding

The first one is a tropical beach wedding collection with palm trees on a turquoise green ocean:

View the entire collection


Rumor has spread that neon will be big this year. You may like this post or after wedding invitation for a reception only celebration:

Flamingo Wedding

Flamingos may not be “hot” at the moment (but who knows?), yet the color coral is very popular as is pale turquoise. This collection has several different designs, all with a flamingo topic. This is an invitation:

I encourage you to check out the other designs!

Full Moon Mountain Wedding

This wedding collection combines two beauties: a full moon and mountains. Whether you are a stargazer or like to hike in the mountains, this may be the one for you:

Take a look at the entire “I love you to the moon and back” collection

The Big Cat Wedding Collection

Finally it’s here: a wedding collection for cat lovers! You may have seen the wedding collections with other animals I created, but I always found it a challenge to make something with a cat theme. Even thought they are my favorite furry purry friends, it seemed hard to make something that does not look too girly. So take a look at the sturdy yet elegant big tiger cat design with a gold (appropriate, don’t you think?) setting:

You can also find individual designs with lions and one with a leopard in the collection