Wedding Elopement Ideas

Your wedding plans during a pandemic

For many couples these are uncertain times. Planning a wedding during a pandemic offers quite a lot of challenges. If you planned on getting married, a lockdown is the last thing you need. And with all the uncertainty about the future, you may wonder what you should do now.
I’m showing some possible solutions on this page for you.

1. Elopement

Elopement may not be your first choice, but it offers the opportunity to at least get married and then you can always arrange for a party when the time is right. I’ve created a new collection of wedding announcement cards for this situation. Since you may not know when the party is going to be and invitations are not right, you may share a beautiful photo of your wedding and offer some explanation to your friends and family. This is of course also a great way to share your news if you do not plan on any party at all, for financial or other reasons.

2. After or Post Wedding Celebrations

When you do want to throw a big party, but the dates keep changing: no worries! Zazzle has offered a service to change your invitations in case the date changes, at no cost! 🙂
So I am showing a few of the reception only invitations here (you can also change the texts to just an announcement if you like)

More wedding reception only or after or post wedding celebrations can be found on the wedding reception page or you can visit the collection of after wedding party invitations

As you can see, I’ve tried to cover a selection of different themes so as to give you also some inspiration and ideas for your celebration

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