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I always imagine the dream wedding for every wine lover getting married must be to tie the knot in a vineyard and celebrate with a significant amount of favorite wine. Of course “creative with cork” (an old Dutch joke) is easy to apply with this wedding theme. From boutonnieres, cork coasters to table card holders … anything you can imagine goes …
What I want to get at today is not so much the creation of fun ideas as well as how those ideas contribute to an overall atmosphere.
Even if you do not have a vineyard as backdrop, with a wine theme it is pretty easy to create a romantic atmosphere.

An Italian style wedding

Italy as an important wine producer and with it’s stunning scenery as well as the lively and famous Italian temperament … what more do I need to say? Think music in Italian style (plenty inspiration already there!), Italian inspired wall art (if you are not choosing for an outdoor wedding) … delicious Italian cheeses …
As an artist, of course, I cannot get enough of Italy and I have several wedding items and collections in Italian style:

Vineyard or wine theme wedding invitation with a romantic Italian style painting Vineyard or wine theme bridal shower invitation with grapes, a sunflower and a romantic Italian style landscape painting

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Add some vintage to your wedding

Even if you are planning a contemporary wedding, a touch of vintage can be just so beautiful with a wine theme. After all it was already popular long before the Romans drank it. Burgundy velvet draperies might be a bit over the top, depending on your style. But the color of wine, the deep rich burgundy of red wine especially and the warm rustic brown of cork, combine very well with some antique. (Think vases for your flowers, table center pieces …)
I have just the right wedding collection to help you get inspired:

Classic grapes wine theme rehearsal dinner invitationVintage vineyard or wine theme classic menu card with grapes

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A whimsical wine wedding

Wine lends itself as no other theme to get a bit crazy, or tipsy if you prefer. You can add a comical touch. Weddings can get really serious, but we also need a good laugh. You can combine details that are slightly “off” or have a bohemian style. Or you can have your guests compile “advice” for the couple and read it out aloud. You can also combine unusual colors, like green and turquoise with red and orange or yellow.

Vineyard Wine Wedding Reception Only InvitationWine Fall Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

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And just in:

New customizable invitations with a wine theme. I may add some more items, but most likely not an entire collection:

Vinyeard or wine theme engagement party invitationWine tasting party invitation with a vineyard landscape