Dreamcatcher Wedding Collection

The symbolic meaning of dreamcatchers

With the dreamcatcher becoming popular as an artistic part of weddings, it is interesting to find out what it actually means or stands for.
It is believed that the original dreamcatcher was created by the Native American Ojibwa Chippewa tribe and intended to bring good dreams and attract the positive spirit during sleep. The dream catcher acts like a spiderweb, snagging the bad dreams which get destroyed when the sun rises and filtering the good dreams which are gently helped by the feathers to get to the sleeper.
However, with not being Native American and looking at the world we live in today, as well as all the stories that go round about this sacred object, we need to look at what the variations we created are meaning to us now.

What I like so much about this theme is that is really expressing a desire to connect with nature and a promise to honor planet earth and all that is living on it. Which is in other words an expression of love. Hence the perfect theme for a wedding!
Now I will have a look at what the specific parts of this design are made of and what they represent.

1. Feathers

Most eye-catching and central are feathers. They can be seen as special gifts from the birds they were once attached to. Below you’ll find a wedding collection with feathers which also can be seen as a gift from the angels. I would say the general meaning of them would be a message of love and light from spirit. They guide the good dreams into the dreamers, or in this case: the couple.

2. Beads

Beads are oftentimes created from crystals and help our intuition as well as gaining insights and understanding. There is oftentimes also an element of reflection in it. Meaning that you don’t step into a marriage without honest consulting with your heart. It invites you to look at who you are and who you are together. What highlights the other person in you and what parts of yourself are not showing as much as when you are alone?
Also pearls are very beautiful in a dreamcatchers as they protect the wisdom.

3. Gold and Rose Gold

The sunny warm energy of gold and rose gold enhances our mood and brings light to our heart. Many couples choose gold for their wedding rings and that has a reason! It helps the flow of beauty and happiness into your life. Optimistic and positive, gold adds richness and joy to your relationship.
Rose gold enhances flexibility and the telepathic communication between the two of you as well as the connection with spirit. Rose gold is ruled by Venus, which should tell you enough … 🙂

A new dreamcatcher wedding collection

This dusty blue wedding collection shows a fluffy clouded sky with an elegant dreamcatcher design in rose gold.

Wedding Color Palette

Dreamcatcher Wedding Color Palette

This dreamcatcher wedding color palette combines a lovely rose gold on dream dusty blue grey … with pretty ivory.

Rose gold symbolizes luxury, style and wealth. A beautifully elegant color with a touch of rose or pink, which refers to love and reminds of rose quartz crystals. Being related to gold it is also stands for preciousness.

The soft dream cloud colors create a sense of calm and peace. At the same time there is a firm connection with earth energies and practicality. A connection between dreams and reality …
The colors in this design also offer a choice for other palettes, this is just an example of how you could use this design to choose your wedding colors.

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