Rehearsal Dinners with a unique theme

Library or book lovers wedding rehearsal dinner invitationJapanese Crane Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

A rehearsal dinner that reflects the interests and passions of the couple with a unique theme.
The invitations set the tone, so make sure you find an invitation with the right atmosphere for your celebration.
The examples you see above have book and a Japanese crane theme.

Of course you can think of many different themes that would make your celebration just special and personal.
What to think of these:

Watercolor painted sailboat or nautical theme wedding rehearsal dinner invitation  Vineyard or wine theme wedding rehearsal dinner invitation

One is great for a couple who loves to sail and the other invitation would be perfect for a planned vineyard or winery wedding.
These are just a few examples to get you inspired. You can find more rehearsal dinner invitations on the rehearsal invitations page or you can browse all collections to find even more!

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