How to choose your wedding color palette – 10 tips

Choosing the right color palette for your wedding can be a quite daunting task. So today I will outline some aspects to take into consideration:

1. What’s your favorite color?

And not only yours, but also your partner’s. Although some people go through phases of being attracted to certain colors, some colors are a life long favorite. Those are the ones to go for. And if the colors are an awful combination, you can take a look at the color families and see if you can change the hues to a matching combination.

2. What’s the color setting of the venue?

You will want to have a flattering color combination with the colors that are used in your favorite venue. So, for instance, if the walls are a deep burgundy and your favorite color for the bridesmaid’s dresses is purple, you may want to check if you can add a bit of burgundy to the purple, to make it match.

3. What’s your skin color?

The most popular dress color is still white. However, for a woman with a white skin, this is often not a good choice. Adding some blush to the color of the dress or choosing a totally different color might be the solution. The same goes of course for the outfit of your partner. Take into consideration what your eye colors are as well. You want your faces to come out radiant and a flattering color will help you create that effect.

4. What’s the season?

Every season has it’s own colors and you want to take advantage of that, as it will be your backdrop and oftentimes also the scene for your special wedding photos. If there are natural flowers around in many colors, you may want to limit the number of colors you are using. Likewise, in the autumn, you may want to choose gold, rose gold, or ocher colors to match the beautiful surroundings.

5. Do you choose ton sur ton or contrasting colors?

Ton sur ton can create a very harmonious atmosphere. The catch is that it can become dull and that a contrasting color may add some spice.

6. What are your favorite flowers?

Flowers are a very important part of your wedding and they also contribute to the color setting. Does your favorite flower fit in with the other colors you have chosen?

7. Warm or cold colors?

Oranges, reds and yellows tend to make us feel warmer than we actually are and are of course also the colors of passion. Blue, purples and greens are considered to be on the cool side of the spectrum and can be great if it’s hot outside or if you like to match the cold of winter for instance.

8. What is the atmosphere you want to create?

Are you looking for a formal chic style, a festive loud, steampunk or rustic country style? Every style needs a different color combination for the right atmosphere. Also, for instance if you want to have a nautical theme, it may not be able to avoid blue …

9. How many colors to use?

Rule of thumb in finding a beautiful wedding color palette is to keep it simple, yet lively. You can do this with about 4 or 5 different colors, at least two of which should have some sort of contrast, like dark and light or opposite ends of the color spectrum like orange and blue.

10. Follow your heart

This is probably the most important one! 🙂 Choose what makes you happy!

You can check out different color combinations on my website to help you find what your favorite palette is.
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