5 Wedding Binder Theme Ideas

It’s all about a love story … from the moment you met till the day you got married … and lived happily ever after … Wedding binders are a great opportunity to add pictures to your story.

That’s not the whole story however. A wedding binder can inspire you to plan your big day. It can offer a special cherished space for comments from your beloved wedding guests when used as a guest book. Or you can use it to collect all those beautiful wedding photo cards and other pictures from the weddings of your best friends.

All in all lots of reasons to feature some beautiful ideas for wedding binders here:

1. Beach Theme Wedding Binders

Most people love the beach and what is more beautiful than a beach wedding with wedding photos with such gorgeous backdrops. I selected a few that all have the option to add your own custom photo to the front of the binder:
Custom beach wedding binder with your own photo on frontBeach wedding photo album, guest book or wedding planner with shells
Modern photo wedding album - with a beach theme and anchor - great as guest book, wedding planner or photo albumShabby chic or bohemian chic beach wedding binder with your own photo on front and back - can be used as planner, guest book or photo album

2. Rustic Theme Wedding Binders

If you are planning a country wedding or are looking back on a rural wedding, you might want to use a wedding binder with imagery of wood, horseshoes, some green or a vintage style. Both of these binders have the option to add your own photo to the front:
Rustic country sunflower photo wedding album - guestbook, wedding planner or wedding photo albumRustic wedding binder with your own photo and a horse theme - wedding planner, guest book or photo album

3. Fall and Wine Theme Wedding Binders

One of the most beautiful aspects of a fall wedding is the vibrant color of nature. The fall wedding binders I have chosen today reflect that lively orange and burgundy:

Vintage grapes wine themed wedding photo binderModern watercolor fall art wedding binder

4. Floral Theme Wedding Binders

No wedding without flowers! The floral theme wedding binders each have a very distinct and unique style:

Marble Rose Gold Floral Wedding BinderMint bokeh floral wedding photo binder

5. Recipe for Love Wedding Binders

To close off on a whimsical note: wedding binders with a recipe for love theme. One for the bride alone, and one for a couple that enjoys cooking together:
Recipe for Love - Bridal Recipe Binder in red and whiteCooking together- recipe for love artistic vintage wedding binder in black and white

Please note that the content for the binders needs to be purchased separately.