5 Fun Bachelorette or Hen Party Ideas

There are a lot of ways to make your bachelorette or hen party special.
You can have a single festive night party or an entire weekend celebration.
Today I am sharing some inspiration – with unique invitations:

A spa themed party

Lilac lavender bachelorette spa party invitationMint floral swirls bachelorette or hen spa weekend template invitation

A classy celebration

Thinking for instance: lingerie, cocktail, theater …
Stylish hen or bachelorette weekend getaway template invitation in gold and blackBachelorett or hen weekend getaway program template invitation with gold floral swirls on watercolor

A country or horse themed celebration

Great if all girls love horses … and let’s face it: who doesn’t?
Cowgirl hen or bachelorette western style invitationCountry and western horse theme bachelorette or hen weekend invitation

A chocolate or beverage indulge themed party

What about a cooking lesson or just plain indulging in chocolate combined with a good glass of something?
Chic chocolate sparkling bachelorette or hen party invitationGold Sparkling Bachelorette Party Invitation

A beach themed celebration

Nothing beats the beach! And if there is no beach close to where you are, what is more tempting than a weekend getaway?
Or a sailboat or nautical event … ?
Beach bachelorette or hen party weekend template invitationRustic Nautical Bachelorette Sailing Invitation

For more ideas you can visit the bachelorette and hen party page on my website.

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