You are currently viewing 4 Gorgeous Mountain Wedding Collections

4 Gorgeous Mount Wedding Collections

Are you planning to get married in the mountains? If not (yet), maybe you should give it some thought as mountain scenery offers fantastic backdrops for gorgeous photo shoots. But not only that: it is a great opportunity to create a very unique and personal atmosphere, especially if you love views, hiking and/or the outdoors.

Today I am showing 4 wedding collections with a mountain theme, starting with the latest addition:

Mountain wedding color palette
Mountain Wedding Color Palette

Color Palette

A wedding color palette to match this collection. As you can see there a several ways to match the styling of your wedding as you can’t go wrong with colors ranging from blue or classic navy to ivory cream and pale yellow. Gold of course adds style.
If you combine blue with the warm soft yellows, you add warmth in the atmosphere of the palette.
Yellow represents happiness, positivity, enlightenment, loyalty, and joy. All qualities you definitely want to be in your wedding.
Blue stands for intuition, trust and confidence as well as tranquility and inspiration.
All in all great color choices for a couple looking forward to a long and happy marriage …

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