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Magical: Enchanted Forest Wedding Collections

There is something truly magical about having a wedding celebration in a garden or forest. Not only can you invite delightful guests like fairies and singing birds, but depending on the time of day or night, there are more benefits. In the evening the atmosphere can be really enchanting with tiny fairy lights. During the day you can use swings and flowers to create atmosphere or to add to already abundant fragrances …
In this blog post I will introduce some enchanting wedding collections to inspire and show how your wedding could be in different seasons and times of day:

Enchanted Forest Wedding with String Lights

Enchanted Forest Wedding Color Palette
Enchanted Forest Wedding Color Palette

Color Palette

A wedding color palette to match this collection will of course involve the pretty greens of the trees. I’ve added one of the greens here, but of course you can add more different shades of green. Green is a color of harmony and peace. It’s not always easy to match with other green varieties though, so you may be better off to choose other colors to match, as I have done in this example.
A warm ivory color is great to add light to an outfit, to use for flowers or to embellish the venue. It also adds style.
Did you know that ivory is also the traditional color of a 14th wedding anniversary?
The blue is derived from the colors in the sky and also symbolizes space and a far away horizon. In combination with the close by trees it represents a long life together.
I’ve added a few vibrantly red flowers and leaves and this is the life of the party! 🙂

Midnight Enchanted Forest Wedding with Butterflies

Butterfly Night Wedding Color Palette
Butterfly Wedding Color Palette

Color Palette

A striking and eye catching wedding color palette with different shades of blue in combination with contrasting ocher yellow. 
A magical midnight blue with touches of royal blue and the fresh blue as you can find it in the sky. It’s literally refreshing!

Ocher has the richness you think of when you think of gold, yet it is a bit more lively. Ocher is one of the oldest colors used by humans. You can read more about that in Discover Magazine. For now it’s probably more important to focus on it’s most important symbolic meanings: it’s the color of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment, creativity and warm sunshine …

Blue Birds in a Fall Forest Wedding Collection

Blue Birds Enchanted Forest Wedding Color Palette
Blue Birds Fall Forest Wedding Color Palette

Color Palette

A wedding color palette with vibrant and eye catching colors! Although this palette also has the yellow and ocher, it is not as prominent as in the previous collection, so in this palette the orange reds come more to the foreground. Red being the color of love is of course a no-brainer. With orange we move more into the field of passion and creativity.
The hazy blue light adds a mysticism while the darker blue framing background stands for trustworthyness and loyalty. Also in this palette you could add some green, as there is also green in the forest painting. The color palettes are examples or starting points, which you can alter to best match your situation and preferences.

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