Save the Date magnets

20+ Beautiful Save the Date Magnets

Save the Date magnets are not only a great way to keep your wedding date at the front of everyone’s mind, but they can also be a beautiful keepsake for your engagement. Isn’t it nice to have those gorgeous engagement photos somewhere where you can see them often? Not all magnets I am showcasing today are photo magnets, you’ll also find some special theme magnets. I’ve collected them in groups according to format, as you can find square, rectangular as well as round magnets here. Some of the round or square magnets can be switched to the other shape.

Square photo magnets and special theme magnets

Whereas most of the square magnets can not be converted to a round magnet, the round magnets can easily also be changed to a square size.

The rectangular magnets are larger and thus great to display a few more of your own photos!
The last 3 magnets are a variety of the same design in 3 different colors.

You can find more Save the Date Magnets in the collection.

You may also like to take a look at the Save the Date Cards.
Did you know that you can transfer the card designs to a magnetic card?

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