6 Stunning Save the Date Ideas

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If you’re not sure yet what your wedding theme is going to be, it might help to browse some Save the Date ideas. I’ve grouped them together to bring some organization in the many options available.
You can also browse any wedding page on the main site to find inspiration!

1. Beach

I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that everyone loves the ocean. So what is more fun than a beach wedding? Enjoy some beautiful beach Save the Date ideas:

2. Wine, winery or vineyard theme

Classy winery or vineyard celebrations are of course a lot of fun. However, you can also create a wine or beer themed party in your own home or garden. Here are some original wine themed Save the Date ideas:

3. Animal, zoo or safari theme

Many people are enjoying animals. I created quite a few animal themed wedding collections. Here are some of those animal themed Save the Date ideas:

4. Music theme

As you’re about to get married, music may not be your first love any more.
However, you may dance and play together now. Find inspiration in these music themed Save the Date cards:

5. Lighthouse theme

Lighthouses are a symbol of hope and safety. So they are really great to use as a wedding theme. I created a few Save the Date cards with a lighthouse theme:

6. Enchanted Garden or Forest theme

Love, lots of green, enchanted fairy lights and some magic are the ingredients of a garden or forest wedding. Easy to organize in your own backyard or a local park. The delight begins here, with your personal Save the Date cards:

You can find some more Save the Date cards in the collection
It is also possible to transfer designs to a postcard or flat card, depending on your needs.
On the main website you can also see some more examples of Save the Date cards and postcards

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